Kombucha Tea, meet Belgian Yeast

Our Kombucha Beer is a wonderful evolution of traditional Kombucha and Belgian style Lambic Ales. Triple Fermented, BrücH beers start as a traditional Kombucha Fermented for 30 days. Next, we filter the tea and pitch Special Belgian Yeast strains from the lost abbeys and forgotten hillsides of Belgium, some organic dried hops and either organic raw ginger root, organic fresh raspberries, organic peaches, organic cherries or whatever else Dan wants to try. We allow the yeast to do it's magic over 15 days, and finally the BrücH is open-air-fermented in charred oak barrels (made in Canada) and then bottle and keg conditioned to meet maximum effervesence and quality as it makes it's way past your lips. The combination creates exquisite flavors that have depth, complexity and a particular tartness you cannot find in anything else - as well as healthy nutrients, antioxidants, probiotics and wonder.

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...But what IS Kombucha anyway?!

Kombucha is a sweet and tart fermented drink that usually is naturally carbonated. It is made from a Kombucha culture (Symbiotic Colony Of friendly Bacteria and Yeast or S.C.O.B.Y.), water, sugar and tea. Kombucha Tea originates from China and Russia – people have been drinking it for thousands of years!

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Special Hydrometers are used to measure specific gravity, with which we can determine alcohol content.

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